Massage Room

When you make your reservation, be sure to book a massage!

Our certified massage therapists and spa practitioners can give you a massage, a reflexology session, a salt glow,or many other treatments to make you feel completely pampered.

The time you spend at the Circle S Ranch is your time, and you should delight in your experience to the fullest.

During all treatments, the body is fully draped except for the area of concentration. Please notify us if you have high blood pressure, allergies, any physical ailments or disabilities, or if you are pregnant. If you have any concerns, please let us know. If at any time during your service you experience discomfort, please alert your therapist immediately.

Massage Therapies and Spa Services Menu

Note: Our therapists are certified in a variety of massage techniques. Please inquire about the availability of additional modalities you may have in mind.

Rolling Hills Swedish Massage

Soothing, invigorating, personalized massage based on your needs utilizing a combination of pressure and techniques. You will achieve increased circulation, reduced muscle tension and the release of stress to promote overall relaxation and renewed vitality.
[ 30 min. $50 | 60 min. $70 | 90 min. $90 | add aromatherapy $10 ]

Gravel Road Deep Tissue Massage

A tension release technique in which the hands, forearms and elbows are used to apply deep pressure and slow strokes to contracted muscle groups that lie below the superficial muscles of the body. A perfect selection for those with strained and sore muscles acquired  through physical activity.
[ 30 min. $60 | 60 min. $80 | 90 min. $100 | add aromatherapy $10 ]

Babbling Brook Hot Stone Massage

Stone massage is an ancient, enduring form of therapeutic bodywork using heated and cooled stones as extensions of the hand. Smooth, velvety stones are heated in water, then glided with firm pressure along oiled, sore muscles. For some people, stone therapy can bring deep tissue release and alignment between body, mind and spirit. For others, it means gently allowing the heat from the stones to soften tension and melt worries away.
[ 60 min. $95 | 90 min. $140 | add aromatherapy $10 ]

Country Herbal Wrap

Heat treatment using hot linens and towels soaked in aromatic herbs. Includes a 30-minute Swedish massage & face and scalp massage.[ 90 min. $145 | add hot scalp massage $30 ]

From the Garden Aromatherapy Wrap

Essential oils blended with massage oil are applied to the body then wrapped in hot linens and towels. Price includes a 30-minute Swedish massage.
[ 90 min. $140 | add hot scalp massage $30 ]

Nowhere near the Sea Salt Scrub

A gentle exfoliation of sea salts rich in minerals are combined with aromatherapy oils stimulating the skin and improving circulation. Relax as a full body application of Vitamin packed moisturizing cream is applied as a finishing touch leaving the body smooth and soft. Includes 30 minute Swedish massage.
[ 90 min. $125 | add aromatherapy $10 ]

Away from the City Pressure Point

Hand/Foot Massage Guided by zones that mirror the entire body on the feet, reflexology relieves stress and promotes relaxation and has many healing effects on other areas and organs in the body.
[ hands or feet / 30 min. $50 ]
[ hands and feet / 30 min. $50 ]
[ feet with foot spa / 60 min. $70 ]
[ hands and feet / 60 min. $70 ]
[ add aromatherapy $10 ]
[ add salt or sugar scrub $15 ]
[ add both aromatherapy and salt or sugar scrub $20 ]

Calf-skin Paraffin or Oil Hand/Foot Wraps

This treatment includes face, scalp and hand massage.

[ hands or feet / 45 min. $60 ]
[ hands and feet / 90 min. $100 ]
[ add aromatherapy to oil wraps $10 ]
[ add salt or sugar scrub $15 ]
[ add both aromatherapy and salt or sugar scrub $20 ]

Fresh Bouquet Facial Massage

This treatment includes face, scalp and hand massage.
[ 45 min. $70 ]
[ add baking soda scrub $10 ]
[ add hot scalp massage $30 ]

Face and Scalp Massage
[ 30 min. $50 ]

Blissfully Hot Scalp Massage

Hot, aromatic oils are gently massaged into the scalp. The head is then wrapped in a hot, moist towel. This revitalizes the scalp and invigorates the mind. This treatment includes hand massage.
[ 35 min. $60 | add aromatherapy $10 ]