Fishing at Circle S Ranch

  • Spend as much time as you like
  • Available for all ages
  • $100 per family or $50 per person
  • Add a picnic lunch with a bottle of wine for $50
  • Must be guests of Circle S Ranch

If you love the great outdoors, you will love fishing at the Circle S Ranch.  We have several ponds to try your luck in.  Some are in the wide open spaces of the Kansas Prairie amidst the Longhorns and Bison, while others are tucked back in the Timber and are used only by family and guests of the ranch.  Any pond you choose will make for a fun day, and our ponds are jumping with Bass, Crappie, Perch, and Catfish.  Our fishing tours are unguided and give you the freedom to relax and enjoy the ranch.  We have tackle on site, and will gladly provide you with a shovel to search for your own worms.  If you are an experienced fisherman please feel free to bring in your own poles and tackle.  Our chef can prepare a picnic lunch for you to take out with you.  Circle S Ranch fishing is catch and release only.

Come explore the beauty at Circle S Ranch!

Come explore the beauty at Circle S Ranch!

Circle S Ranch & Country Inn
Based on 11 Reviews
Chad S.
Chad S.
2018-07-22 18:49:40
I had the most fantastic time when I stayed out there a week ago!! Breakfast was amazing and all the staff was super pleasant and warming. The fish were...
Ashley B.
Ashley B.
2018-05-04 17:32:32
I am going to preface this review with a few positives. The venue is beautiful. It is very spacious and they are working on the landscaping, which is coming...
Shante L.
Shante L.
2018-02-10 09:51:29
My girlfriends and I stayed here while we were on a cross country road trip. We are city girls who arrived around 11pm after spending the day in Lawrence...


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