The Country Inn 

The Country Inn at Circle S Ranch boasts twelve unique suite-style rooms that span between three different floors. Each floor has its own large common area and beverage station. The rooms located on the first floor, Kansas & Post Rock, are both handicap accessible. No two rooms are alike at the Inn, and each room comes with its own fun décor and name.

Blue and White Room

The Blue and White Room is a favorite among many. The king bed, hard wood floor, and the claw foot tub in the room create a romantic evening for everyone. There is a separate shower in the water closet in the room. As its name suggests, this room’s blue and white décor creates a crisp, clean feel.

  • King bed
  • Claw foot bath
  • Separate shower
  • All rooms come with a country breakfast
  • Location: 2nd Floor, stairs access only

Celestial Room

The Celestial Room is for all of you star gazers. This suite has a king bed, full size window bed, two person whirlpool tub, double sided fireplace and comfy couch by the window.

  • Separate shower
  • Double-sided fireplace
  • Chairs
  • Moon and Stars theme throughout
  • Window seat with full size bed
  • Location:  3rd floor, stairs access only

Paisley Room

The Paisley Room is perfect for those of you who love the country, the early morning sun, and the dew on the morning’s new blooms. All of these are easily seen from this room. The Paisley Room has a king bed, two person whirlpool tub, loveseat, and double sided fireplace.

  • King bed
  • Double whirlpool tub
  • Separate shower
  • Double sided fireplace
  • Corner room w/extra view
  • Burgundy floral throughout
  • Location:  3rd floor, stairs access only

Polo Room

Everyone that loves horses will love the Polo Room. The Polo Room’s equestrian theme is the perfect room to come back to after a nice hike to see the longhorns and buffalo.

  • King bed
  • Full-size Window Bed
  • Twoperson whirlpool tub
  • Double-sided fireplace
  • Location: 3rd Floor, stairs access only

Claret Room

The Claret Room has been dubbed the honeymoon suite. With its king canopy bed, two person whirlpool tub, double sided fireplace, and loveseat, this room is a must-have for all honeymooners, or at least all of you newlyweds at heart.

  • King canopy bed
  • Double whirlpool tub
  • Separate shower
  • Double sided fireplace
  • Love seat
  • Corner room w/extra view
  • Burgundy floral throughout
  • Location:  3rd floor, stairs access only

Floral Room

The Floral Room can be made into two twin beds or one king size bed and has a shower/tub combo and a table with over-sized wicker chairs.

  • Two Twin beds for flexible sleeping arrangements.
  • Shower & tub combination
  • Location: 2nd Floor, stairs access only

Fishing Room

The Fishing Room’s decor will have you dreaming of that fish that got away. After fishing at one of our 20 ponds you will love to relax in this room. Its king bed and private bath make a very comfortable stay. Location:  2nd floor, stairs access only.

  • Sunday – Thursday – $150/night
  • Friday & Saturday – $200/night
  • All rooms come with a country breakfast
  • Location: 2nd Floor, stairs access only
  • Room accommodates 2 persons only

Trail Room

The Trail Room has a king and twin bed along with a luxurious waterfall shower. Guests enjoy this relaxing room with a King size bed, a large daybed seating area and a great view of the pastures where the buffalo roam.  Location:  2nd floor, stairs access only

  • Sunday – Thursday – $150/night
  • Friday & Saturday – $200/night
  • All rooms come with a country breakfast
  • Location: 2nd Floor, stairs access only
  • A third person is $25 per extra night

Garden Room

The Garden Room’s motif brings the outdoors indoors. With the king bed and claw foot tub combined with the vanity and amazing morning views,  you’ll feel like you are starting everything fresh and new.  Location:  2nd floor, stairs access only

  • Sunday – Thursday – $150/night
  • Friday & Saturday – $200/night
  • All rooms come with a country breakfast
  • Location: 2nd Floor, stairs access only
  • Room accommodates 2 persons only

Cowboy Room

All of you cowboys (and those of you that wish you could try it for a night) will love this room. The queen canopy bed with the horns overhead combined with the corrugated tin shower with a bucket for a shower head will make you feel like you just finished feeding the cows!

  • Queen pine canopy bed
  • Corrugated tin shower with bucket shower head
  • Hardwood floors
  • Old west décor
  • Location:  2nd floor, stairs access only

Post Rock

The Post Rock Room’s king bed, cushy loveseat and roomy bathroom with a one person whirlpool tub have caused our past guests to never want to leave. This accessible room is a favorite for many and is the perfect room for closing the curtains and sleeping late.

  • 1 king bed
  • single person whirlpool bath & shower combination
  • double-sided fireplace built from the same rock used to make old fence posts in Kansas
  • handicapped accessible
  • Location:  1st floor hidden alcove
  • Room accommodates 2 persons only

Kansas Room

The Kansas Room has memorabilia that reminds us of what makes Kansas so great. There are sunflowers, cattle ropers, paintings by Bonner Springs’ artist Ernst Ulmer, and (of course) The Wizard of Oz book. This room has a king bed (or two twins with advanced notice) and a one-person whirlpool tub & shower combo.

  • Sunday – Thursday – $150/night
  • Friday & Saturday – $150/night
  • All rooms come with a country breakfast
  • Location:  1st floor hidden alcove
  • Room accommodates 2 persons only

My sister had her wedding reception here and it was beautiful! I highly recommend! It was a cool day out so I'm not sure what it would be like if it was a super hot day. read more
Ashley Little
03:52 27 May 17
Circle S Ranch is my top recommendation for a B&B near Lawrence; very nice place away from the city to stay. We have stayed twice in the "Post Rock" room and love the fireplace. Weekdays are usually not crowded if your looking to have more privacy. The hot tub is nice if you can open the windows to get some breeze. The breakfast was good; the server was great. The grounds are very nice (classy, rustic, flowery) what you would expect at a ranch; very nice veggie gardens too. Nice walking trails... Beautiful views...Bison, Horses, and friendly cats too. We felt very at home!read more
Low Maintenance Landscape Inc
07:46 11 Dec 16
I was there for a wedding and reception, really cool building and grounds. Great climate in late spring, and easy to get to from more
Tristan Austring
15:01 24 Apr 17
Everything is beautiful here and the staff is very friendly. There is tons to do and a lot to see.
Kelly Lanahan
18:07 23 Apr 17
Beautiful place, secluded and a great feel! Definitely recommend to anyone
jordan beber
03:07 24 Sep 17
I stayed at the Circle S Ranch for my brother's wedding. The rooms were beautiful and cozy. The staff was kind and helpful. I can't wait to come back!read more
Ashley Brown
00:31 08 Oct 17
It's a very authentic, cozy, and warm place. Staff are kind and friendly.
Mustafa YILMAZ
16:20 12 Jan 18
Awesome place. Every chicken that we have from here has laid 2 from day 1
Roger Theis
20:51 20 Jan 18
Beautiful area with a nice little area for a wedding ceremony and reception with room for plenty of guests. The hot water was unfortunately not working in the bathrooms at the reception more
Corey Broughman
02:38 30 Apr 18
My son was married at this venue and the accommodations were great.
Christopher Heintzelman
05:05 08 Jul 18
What am amazing location. I feel like I am in the middle of a Jane Austen novel. The scenery takes me back to my childhood where I could hear the wind arriving by the sound of the leaves on the trees. The property is beautiful. Mary, the owner is the sweetest person and attentive to detail. My older two children left wanting to book their weddings today. ?. They are 12 & 9 but I know how they more
Margarita Harper
01:46 20 Oct 18
The rooms are superb and venue is gorgeous
Erin Campbell
01:35 21 Aug 18
The rooms and place was beautiful
Kent B Holesinger
03:32 04 Nov 18
Very clean, good folks, and great atmosphere.
Randy Ware
23:14 02 Dec 18
An outstanding supporter of the Wedding Industry of Lawrence, Mary Beth and Anna are always striving for perfection and supporting others in the profession. Rob Phillips, more
Robert Phillips
14:29 06 Dec 18
Great people, excellent hospitality, highly recommended!!
Liberty Angus Farm
01:13 01 Feb 19
3rd anniversary!! It was a blast and completely what we needed. To get away from the outside world. It was just an overnight visit but damn so needed and so worth it!!read more
Meagan Hunt
07:40 25 Apr 19
We were there for a wedding and it was very pretty with delicious homemade barbecue sauce!
Laura Geiger
04:42 28 Apr 19
Fabulous place, wonderful people so many memories for years to come. Highly recommend!!
Doug H
14:15 06 Jun 19
I just came for the 90 minute trail ride, my guide was Sage & my horse was Billy. Both were knowledgeable about their jobs & the scenery was gorgeous, would definitely ride or visit here again, beautiful place to more
Joshua Mann
17:39 30 Jun 19
It was a beautiful place to stay! soo relaxing and the rooms were very nice and the food was delicious i would definitely stay there again!read more
Katie Fuller
16:57 07 Jul 19
Nice venue for a retreat or quiet getaway close to town, but out enough to be a getaway!
Amy Rice
02:33 21 Aug 19
Absolutely Beautiful but too far from civilization, cut off from amenities such as phone signals.
Lynn Williams
05:59 22 Sep 19
Beautiful B&B. Delicious birthday lunch for a friend.
Nedra Rosen
01:29 05 Oct 19
Beutiful scenery in a secluded valley. Great staff and a truly rustic feel.
Christopher Nuckolls
05:09 29 Oct 19
Last Thanksgiving 7 members of our family spend 4 days and nights at CS to get our dispersed family together and celebrate the occasion.It was a truly wonderful time with great food from our start Wed evening through to Sun morning, including a Thanksgiving feast. We were integrated as much as we wished into the CS family's own celebration, with great hospitality. The various events we wanted, such as horseback riding were organized for us. We felt like we had the run of the place, including going into the kitchen for dinner leftovers! We plan on a repeat this year, virus, etc. more
Roy Lacoursiere
16:24 30 Apr 20
Fun time!Horses, long horn cattle, hummingbirds at breakfast, and.....quiet!
Basil Almy
15:50 04 Sep 20
Jimmy w Dye
13:19 06 Oct 20
I have never stayed in a Inn that not only had a Cowboy feel to it, but was an actual cowboy cattle ranch since 1860 and still is in the same family. I would highly recommend the ranch and can not wait to experience the friendly welcoming true cowboy home ambiance more
Phillip Els
00:49 28 Dec 20
Lovely surroundings and outstanding food!
Grace Strachan
20:18 13 Mar 21
Had great time. Very clean, friendly, and quiet atmosphere. Great rooms and hospitality.
Andrea Dawson
21:35 31 May 21
Last minute decision to get away for a Sat. Rustic setting with wonderful amenities. Massage, food, cocktail, service and setting. Relax, reconnect with more
Ronald Hinton
15:55 11 Aug 21
So my wife and I had the pleasure of being the first to stay in her new air bnb trailer on the property for our daughter’s wedding. First off, I want to thank Mary and her team for their above n beyond courtesy, kindness and just making us feel at home! Mary was a spectacular host, food was unbelievably delicious, it was like we were at home, but we weren’t, her generosity was that welcoming!! Where we stayed was beyond cute and comfortable, it was a much needed weekend away for us! Everything we needed was there or provided for us, I highly, highly recommend going out to Circle S Ranch to get away or for a planned party or like us a wedding!! Could not have asked for a better weekend and Mary n her team made it special, so thank u to all who was apart of putting such a memorable weekend n WEDDING for Tay n Caleb!! We will see more of you guys in the future for a couple getaways!! Thanks Circle S Ranch!! Ya Guys out did yourselves!!read more
Sean Stubbs
14:50 06 Sep 21
We had a gift certificate for a one night stay but unfortunately it didn’t work out. We ended up forfeiting our gift certificate due to our own fault. I appreciated the kindness shown and maybe someday we will try more
Joe Tindall
18:44 06 Apr 21
Beautiful place! Also low key and super chill.
Brant Watson
23:09 03 Jul 21

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