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Peace, Love & Murder- Saturday, June 13th

Travel back to the 1960’s for a groovy night baby!

Nutmeg Vant is a legendary movie star that was shipwrecked a few years ago and stranded on a deserted tropical island with six strangers. Immediately after her news-breaking rescue, her butler, Theodore Winsington, III, contacted Blissity Lovewell and requested that she host a smashing shindig in honor of her safe return at Nutmeg’s fabulous Hollywood mansion. Yeah, baby, yeah! The guests dined on a delectably groovy dinner and mingled. With all the peace and love in the air, nobody would have expected what happened next. MURDER! The victim was discovered in an adjacent room with more than one possible cause of death. The guests quickly rallied together to figure out what happened at Nutmeg’s Hollywood Mansion. Other than murder, the party was a gas, baby, yeah!